| Brown |

Hiya all!

For this weeks post I fancied doing a bit of a different lip colour, I do enjoy wearing a dark lip (unless I’m going out for food because that can just turn into a bit of a mess!)

For this look I wanted to go dark all over, I basically do just sit down to do my make up and see what happens. The priming portion of this look is the same as my previous post and until I try some new products, it will just stay the same, if it ain’t broke and all that.
Moving onto my foundation, and because I’m a little on the paler side at the moment I mixed my Maybelline super stay foundation in ‘ivory’ and the fit me foundation in ‘115’. As the super stay can be semi-matte adding a dewy foundation with it can give that in-between result without being too much of either finishes.
Highlight is the same as well, Mac pro longwear and just pushing this with my beauty blender under my eyes, nose and forehead, to emphasise the parts of my face light would naturally hit.

IMG_5067For my eyeshadow I used a shadow from Clinique’s ‘all about shadow’ duo, which is a brown shade with small gold reflects through. To highlight the middle of my lid I used my ‘go to’ Mac pigment in ‘tan’ with a spirtz of fix+ on the brush just to brighten the colour. Then I went in to deepen my crease and outer v a little more I used ‘darkside’ from Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, this colour almost matches the lips so it is really an all over brown look. Finishing off with an eyeliner wing, for this wing I started right at the inner corner of my eye and elongated the wing out into the shadow, this just gave my eye a slight darkness to it.

I added some false lashes and brought the shadow down to smoke my lower lash line out (as always). To finish off my face I did my usual steps of contouring with Clinique’s contour stick and darkening that with Chanel bronzer. I highlighted using my Benefit watts up on all the highest points of my face and the inner corners of my eyes, then I could move onto my lips.


Finally for the lips, which it a bit of a different product to use on your lips probably, but I really liked the look it gave as sometimes its nice to put a cool tone on your lips. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade in ‘dark brown’ all over the lips (why not). This product, obviously meant for brows, is very stiff but at least I know if I were to wear it out it would never budge! For this time of year brown lips, whether they have a green or red undertone are so perfect and just give your make up look a little more something than a nude/pink lip can.


Hope you all enjoyed, I definitely enjoyed wearing this look and leave me any comments!
Thanks, Olivia x


| Soft Nude Look |

Hi again!
For my second look I decided to do a really soft, warm nude everyday make up . I’ve incorporated a very light cut crease also which I feel makes the eye stand out just a little more.
image2-2(heres another picture of me looking very serious)
This is the make up I’ve created and it’s such a perfect look for loads of different occasions when you want something simple, but also slightly glam.

To start off I used my usual skin prep and prime products and foundation as in my last post, (which if you haven’t read then that’s here). Just the usual buffing, pressing, pushing and powdering my face and I’m just about ready to start applying eyeshadows.
I started using a Zoeva flat eyeshadow brush because I wanted to really pack the product onto my lids for a maximum effect, the shadow I used is a Mac pigment in the colour ‘tan’. The mac pigments are definitely a must have for me as they just never seem to go down! (I’ll still be using it in 5 years probably)
For my light cut crease I took the colour ‘blackheart’ from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette on a pencil brush and very softly took it through my crease, above the tan shade. Then going in with a fluffy brush, blending the colour away, always in the same place though as I didn’t want to spread the colour anywhere but the crease. I probably repeated this step 4 or 5 times until it looked right for me.

DSC_1304 copy

For liquid liner the Urban Decay 24/7 one in black is definitely my favourite eyeliner I’ve had so far! (other than I can’t get the lid on straight anymore, it just doesn’t cooperate). I took a thin line, right against my lashes and then out into a small wing, the neatness of it didn’t matter too much as I was going to diffuse the liner with more black shadow anyways. Also because my lashes are so sparse if I were to apply falsies with no liner, my lash line would always be visible (annoying).
Like I said I diffused the liner out with some more black shadow just to make the line less harsh and, exactly what we’re aiming for, which is a soft look!
After applying my lashes, the Ardell wispies, I took both the pigment and black shadow under my eye, just to connect it all together at my wing liner, so it looks more complete. I also find taking the same shadow under my eye suits me much more than if I were to leave it bare, some people can leave it out, its totally down to preference. Adding some mascara and a few final touches I can just about move onto the finishes for my face and lips.

DSC_1297 copy

First I did a nice application of my bronzer just to accentuate the contour and warm up my face more, then moved onto blush which is the Dior ‘rosy glow’ (yes in the picture it looks almost neon but it’s definitely not). I just put a little swoop of this right above my contour on my cheek bones, then for my favourite bit…highlight!
This takes a little more time, no ‘swooping’ or ‘dusting’ here, its all heavily applied! For a really noticeable highlight you can use a cream highlighter first then set with a powder, but if you’re not all about that strobe then just a bit of powder will do the job. I used the Benefit watts up on the top of my cheeks, bridge of my nose and cupids bow. I then set that with my Dior nude skin powder highlighter, and basically add so much more, then I think I’m done and I add a tiny bit more because I want that serious glow!

A quick spritz of Mac fix+ to bring all the powders back to life and we’re ready for lips. I line my lips with Mac ‘oak’ lip liner and then apply Mac ‘blankety’ lipstick. Then for my final, final step I go back to my highlight powder and add some onto my bottom lip in the centre and the top, this really makes your lips stand out!


So that’s everything I did to create this soft, nude look and it’s such an easily worn look whenever.
Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know anything in the comments, Thanks!
Olivia x

| Autumn Inspired Make Up |

Hello all!
For my first ever blog post I wanted to create a look that I would actually wear throughout the day or night, so inspired by the change in season, (although the UK can’t make it’s mind up yet) I decided to do this look based around Autumn, using warm cranberry colours. image1-1This is the look using rich, warm tones all throughout the face. I have shown all of the products I used below, obviously everyone prefers to do and use different things with their make up this is just one of the ways I like to do my own, and hopefully gives some inspiration.

blog 1

I started with prepping my skin which always starts with my Pro-Youth Silk Creme from Dior, this is a perfect moisturiser for my skin as it re-hydrates without being too oily underneath foundation. I have moderately large pores therefore I need a pore eliminating primer and at the moment I am loving the Baby Skin instant pore eraser from Maybelline, I only use this on my cheeks and nose. To prime my skin everywhere else I use the Body shop Vitamin C skin reviver, (which I would definitely recommend if you want effortlessly dewy skin). With my skin prepped I can finally start to apply foundation, I mix Maybelline stay perfect and even better from Clinique, to create that medium matte-dewy finish, buffing into the skin until basically my arm hurts. For highlighting under my eyes, nose, forehead and chin I use a pump of Mac pro longwear concealer and push it into the skin using my Real Techniques version of a beauty blender, then to set that I dust on some loose powder from Giorgio Armani. For contour I used the Clinique contour stick (probably too much for a day time look but used in moderation it gives good definition), only popping this in the hollows of my cheeks and forehead and buffing in throughly.

blog 2

With the face done I start with my eyeshadow, using my Zoeva brushes I buffed a transition colour into my crease, which was just a basic nude colour from the BH Cosmetics tropical matte palette (BH palettes are such a great buy seeing as they are pretty pigmented and cheap!). Then taking my ‘vintage vamp’ quad from Charlotte Tilbury to take the cranberry colours through the lid and crease, this quad is perfect as it literally screams Autumnal colours to me. Just working this through, adding more product and then blending away the edges until I’m happy I can add the darkest colour to the outer ‘v’ of my eye, and finally add the gold from the palette to the centre of my eye for brightness (dependent on your eye shape as to how far a dark shadow can be brought in). As I was applying falsies I ran a bit of black just along the lash line to hide the join, I also used the Ardell wispies. Lastly I took some of the darkest colour to run along my bottom lashes and put a coat of mascara on, for some reason my bottom lashes are longish and thick but my top lashes are just not feeling it, ever!


For the final touches I fill in my brows using the Benefit brow zing, then combing upwards through the brow with some gimme brow after so they fall more natural as opposed to coloured in.
A quick bronze to warm the face with my Chanel bronzer, then I added a peach coloured blusher and dusted (heavily applied) the Dior Skin nude highlighting powder to the bridge of my nose, cupids bow, the very top of my cheeks and my brow bone (I am too much in love with a strong highlight!)

Finally (feels like I’m never getting there) I finished off the look completely with my dark lip. For this I lined my lips using the Urban Decay glide on lip pencil in venom and used two different shades of lipsticks form Mac. First I applied capricious and then cyber in the outer parts of my lips, the result almost looks ombre although that wasn’t planned.


I hope everyone enjoyed reading this description of the look I created and please leave me any comments on what you do differently or the same, or basically anything, Thanks!
Olivia x